Welcome to the official Boston Harbor Association (BHA) home page!

BHA is a non-profit entity with a board of nine volunteers elected annually that organizes our July 3rd Fireworks Show, the September potluck, the neighborhood garage sale, the annual meeting and neighborhood projects as needed. During 2015 the Boston Harbor sign at shipwreck corner was replaced and several “historic signs” were erected. BHA is also our advocate voice to protect our peaceful rural lifestyle rich in local history, natural history and wildlife that we value. The Boston Harbor Association actively contributes to making our neighborhood a vibrant place to call home. BHA membership is the biggest “bang for your buck” available anywhere!

Social Media

Connect with us on Social Media! We have active accounts on both Facebook and Next Door, connecting all of our neighbors and active members with current events or anything happening in our community.

Membership & Donations

BHA is a WA non-profit organization and we strive for community connectivity, engaging activities and neighborhood maintenance for our public access areas. This is all possible due to our active memberships and donations from the community. Your money goes a long way and we appreciate every dollar that comes through. Please consider donating or becoming a member of the BHA to help us continue the wonderful work that we’ve been able to accomplish.  

While we encourage everyone in the Boston Harbor community to become members ($15/year for the entire household) anyone can join! If you are interested, please select the link below, or if you have any questions Contact Us anytime for a prompt response.

The Documents Page will have everything listed for you to review and will provide you with answers to most of your questions. This page will also give you a view of what the BHA Board hopes to accomplish for the year and what our goals are for the long-term future.

Event Calendar

We are excited to share with everyone our Event Calendar. This is a public Google Calendar that can be accessed either here, or through the link below:


BHA Annual Meeting

The 2022 BHA Annual Meeting was held in person for the first time in two years at 6:30pm on February 23rd at the Gull Harbor Lutheran Church, 4610 Boston Harbor Rd NE, Olympia, WA 98506. It was very well attended.

Two current members stepped down (Richard Thompson and Susan Lund) and three new Boston Harbor residents volunteered to join the board: Jackie Ashley, Nina Goodrich, and Bjorn Hartman.

Richard and Susan deserve a big round of applause for the many years they dedicated to the BHA Board. And we all look forward to the enthusiasm and energy that the new members promise to bring to the Board.

The July 3rd FIREWORKS came BACK in 2021 !!!

We are excited to announce the fireworks show was held without any glitches in Boston Harbor this July 3rd. Rising vaccination rates, falling infection rates and new guidance about outdoor activities gave us confidence to move forward with the show and with the kid’s bike parade as well. We asked that everyone follow CDC and state and local health agency guidance. We did suspend efforts to fund raise for the show due to the pandemic last year, but this year our sponsors came back and were excited to support the community.The show was 100% funded through sponsorships and generous donations for our neighbors in the community. We know the last year has been very challenging for many but if you have the ability to donate to the show this year we are very grateful for your support. The donation can is at the marina and you can swing by anytime. We looked forward to hearing the laughter and smelling all the wonderful barbecues on the 3rd – capped of with an amazing show and were not disappointed on any counts. The bike parade was well attended. The fireworks crowd was perhaps a little smaller than in previous years but there were still many smiling faces walking the local streets as night fell. The weather cooperated beautifully – not hot or cold and crystal clear. The fireworks display was one of the best ever!