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Local Groups

Sewer Sisters

Boston Harbor Green Bag Project

October 2021 Burfoot Work Party Crew

Burfoot Park Cleanup – Saturday October 9th 2021 at 9:00 AM

Helping out were Greg M, Joyce H, Dan D , Nina Goodrich, Kim Kelly and Tom Kelley, Pandora and Jules Eyre, Steve N., Audrey and Neil, Dave Phillips, John, Tom, David Hartley. 

There were three groups working in three different areas pulling weeds at the memorial garden at the front of the park; another group cut back vines on the evergreens and the last group whacked away at the blackberries all along the bulkhead.

Burfoot Beach once again rid of those pesky blackberry bushes!

Miscellaneous Information

The Olympia Farmers Market is now open Thursday-Saturday 10-3.
Details can be found at their website: Olympia Farmers Market

A big thank you to Ed Marson, Parks Maintenance & Operations Manager, and his Thurston County Parks & Trails crew for once again clearing downed trees from the Burfoot trails. The high winds on December 10th felled several across the trails. Many Boston Harbor residents use these trails and we appreciate your diligence in keeping them free of debris.