Your membership and donations matter !

WE NEED YOU! Only with your financial support and personal participation in the Boston Harbor Association can we continue our community activities. Our dues are a modest thanks to all the willing volunteers who generously share their time and talents. WE THANK YOU!

Membership dues are $15 per year per household and can be paid using the Donations page.

We rely on donations to the Association to help pay for our annual July 3rd Celebration Fireworks Show as well as other neighborhood projects. There is a permanent DONATION BUCKET at the Marina. Please look for it next time you’re there! Thank you for your financial support of the Boston Harbor Association.

Complete the newly revamped Membership form even if you are already a member as we want to make sure we have current information for everyone and need all of you to use our new process. Thank you!

Our also revamped Donation form is more flexible and easier to use than our previous one.