This page contains recent information about the Boston Harbor Garden Club, also known as the Sewer Sisters.


March 2, 2024 work party. Taking a well deserved break to smile at the camera

Since late fall 2023, the Sewer Sisters has undergone an exciting resurrection, focusing on adopting a more planned approach to maintaining Shipwreck Corner.  Long maintained by the group with several yearly work parties, hard work and good intentions, it had become clear that a more organized approach was warranted, including the need to tackle the surrounding trees after 30 years of quasi neglect.

Thanks in large part to Cedar Bouta’s efforts and expertise, a professional arborist was hired to prune these trees. More pruning is required but it already looks much improved and provides more light for the shrubs.

More recently Michaele Dazelle met with Mary Gentry, Pam Trautman, and Lash Steinweg to assess the shrubs and develop a more organized plan for upgrading and maintaining the beds. Michaele’s recommendations have focused on hardiness, year-round color, and ease of maintenance.  She has also suggested  a possible timeline for making these changes and additions to the planting spaces at the corner, as well as recommended amendments to the soil.  Once the limbing and cleaning out of some of the large branches has been completed, many of the existing trees and shrubs will have a much better chance to flourish and “show off”

Ultimately, Michaele will prepare a schematic with the identification and location of the corner plantings along with recommendations for treatment, such as how to prune, thin, or cut back and the most desirable time of year to do that. 

Finally, through the efforts of Jess Van Deusen, there has been an influx of younger, more able bodied BHA residents. Their help and enthusiasm were readily apparent at the work party held on Saturday, March 2.  

While the majority of the work remains volunteer, hiring an arborist to do the pruning that  our group could not do cost  more money than we have typically spent and we are thus promoting a fund raising effort.  Thanks to Mary Gentry the group is now a more “official” 501c (7) group – donations are still not tax deductible but in the eyes of the IRS has a more legitimate status. Your financial support is much appreciated. Details on how to donate coming soon.

Saturday, March 2nd.  A large and energetic crowd put in  3-in-1 soil, removed invasive species from the back area, and took the first step to implementing a new look to the corner.
Delivering soil to undernourished shrub beds











Holiday PartyDecember 2, 2023

A good-sized crowd gathered at Jan Dempsey’s to enjoy soup, appetizers, and bread for the first part of the traditional holiday party.  Thanks to all who came and especially to those who brought refreshments.

The group then gathered at the beach in front of Lynda Eich’s house (7205 Lighthouse Ln NE) around 7 PM. Lynda had built a bon fire on the beach and provided several hot drinks. Others brought delicious sweet refreshments.





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