House Bill 1244

Hello Boston Harbor Association Community Members!

At the regularly scheduled board meeting on 6-March-2023 we were pleased to welcome Ben Higgins, President of the Boston Harbor School (BHS) Parent Teacher Association (PTA), who shared with us recent activity within the Washington State Legislature regarding House Bill 1244 (HB1244) which could drastically impact the Olympia School District’s budget. One of the potential budget impacts if this legislation is not passed could result in the consolidation of schools and the closure of campuses of schools with lower enrollment numbers, such as our Boston Harbor Elementary.

We are reaching out to everyone to rally support and focus our efforts to keep our beloved school open. While things are moving very quickly, there is an opportunity to have our voices heard and directly influence the outcome of HB1244.

See below for the post on the BHS PTA website and how to contact our representatives.

It is vital that we contact each and every one of the people listed, especially the Committee Chair Rep. Laurie Jinkins and Rep. J.T. Wilcox as they are likely leading/meeting with their caucuses to determine which bills will be voted on. Each name is linked to open your email server with the message already generated.

Passage of this bill is both important and necessary if we’d like to keep our school open.

Please contact everyone on this list and advocate for HB1244 to pass.

Additionally, we should all Sign up to speak at the OSD board meeting which is scheduled to take place at 6:30pm on March 9th. However, the sign up window for that opportunity to speak opens at 8am on Wednesday, March 8

Here is the website to sign up for comment:

Thank you all
Let's work together to keep our school open!