It is the perfect time of year to make more space in your house, garage or shed by participating in the annual Boston Harbor neighborhood garage sale this August 6th and 7th.  Artists and farmers can also join the fun by hosting art shows, open houses or plant and produce sales.  This is a great opportunity to meet neighbors, do fund raising and make new friends. 

If you would like to participate in the event and be included on a neighborhood garage sale map, please contact [email protected]

Map of Participating Community Sales

548 73rd Ave NE

623 73rd Ave NE

426 73rd Ave NE

7440 Byron St NE

6135 Gull Harbor Drive NE (Saturday Only)

6901 Bayview Drive NE

7627 Boston Harbor Rd NE (Saturday Only)

7325 Byron St NE

6927 Zangle Rd NE

614 73rd Ave NE

8037 Jenni St NE

7302 Zangle Rd NE

7415 Boston Harbor Rd NE

423 73rd Ave NE

7136 Boston Harbor Road NE

403 73rd Ave NE

7317 Byron Street NE

7228 Commercial Street NE

431 77th Ave NE

433 76th Ave NE

7445 Boston Harbor Rd NE