This page contains recent information about the Boston Harbor Green Bag Food Pickup.

Exciting news!

After a temporary suspension because of Covid-19, our neighborhood food project will resume June 12th. Participants will soon receive an email notice with special instructions.

What is the Thurston County Food Project?

Ever wonder about the bright green bag on your neighbor’s porch? It’s a generous donation to the food bank waiting to be collected by volunteers. The Thurston County Food Project are volunteers from 14 local neighborhoods that pick up food from their neighbors every 2 months and deliver it to the food bank. This easy way to help fill the plates of the hungry in Thurston County has been a great success.

Boston Harbor donors have been giving strong since 2015, providing over $25,000 worth of food and basic household supplies to those in need. The BHA provides vital support to the project through purchasing green bags and other supplies.

If you live in Boston Harbor and are interested in participating, please contact Margo Hill (360-259-6964) or Cedar Bouta (360-754-1948) to sign up.

To donate directly to the Thurston County Food Bank, please call (360) 352-8597 or visit Thurston County Food Bank

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